Lakeland Hotel Mizunosato is a hotel that has the design theme of "water" of the Kawaguchi Lake by Mt. Fuji. We have taken the utmost care in providing a calming and comfortable atmosphere.
Our hotel has many attractions such as the "Amanogawa," an observatory open-air bath that has a panoramic view of Lake Kawaguchi, a open-air Jacuzzi and bath beds.
The lakeside restaurant "Hanamizuki" provides fine dining with locally-sourced ingredients. The lakeside view shows different scenes every season, providing a comforting atmosphere to heal you from the fatigue of your travels.





A luxurious space with a view of Mt. Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.


  • Guestroom with open-air bathGuestroom with open-air bath
  • Japanese anteroom with open-air bathJapanese anteroom with open-air bath
  • Japanese-Style Twin RoomJapanese-Style Twin Room
  • Standard RoomStandard Room

Guests can freely select Japanese rooms with baths and tearooms where one can enjoy the view of Lake Kawaguchi, comfortable Western rooms or Japanese-Western rooms that match their preference. Please enjoy your luxurious stay here.


  • AoiAoi
  • KarinKarin
  • TomoeTomoe
  • YumegoyomiYumegoyomi
  • HanatsumugiHanatsumugi

Our grand reopening on April 1 features Japanese, Western and modern styles in the Japanese-Western rooms with half open-air baths.
Furniture and furnishings are selected with care to build luxurious guestrooms facing the lake at this prime location! Relax as you enjoy the view of the lake in a moment of bliss.


The spacious big public bath

  • Observatory open-air bath, Amanogawa

    Observatory open-air bath, Amanogawa

    Popping out of the roof, one can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view at the "Amanogawa," the observatory open-air bath. Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi and the starry skies are sights to behold.

  • Observatory open-air bath, Amanogawa

    Big public bath, Suiraku

    Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi and the greenery of Yagizaki Park are among the great sights that can be enjoyed from the open-air Jacuzzi. The big public bath on the side of Mt. Fuji has "entertainment" as its theme with "dynamic" baths such as Jacuzzis, fountains and multi-function showers. Male and female turns are divided by different times of day.

  • Observatory open-air bath, Amanogawa

    Big public bath, Suigetsu

    The big public bath on Lake Kawaguchi's side, "Suigetsu," has "relaxation" as its theme and is the largest open-air bath in all of the Lake Kawaguchi area.
    Aside from the bath, it is complete with sauna facilities. It compliments the Suiraku with baths themed with "peace."

  • Observatory open-air bath, Amanogawa

    Private bath, Fuji-no-shizuku

    Bathing time
    40 minute rotation 15:00 to 23:00 (there is a 20 minute cleaning period)
    Accommodations - 2,500 yen (tax not included) per room


A varied menu made with great care by the head chef.

  • Guestroom with open-air bath
  • Japanese anteroom with open-air bath
  • Japanese anteroom with open-air bath
  • Standard Room

A gourmet dining experience using an abundance of fresh ingredients.

There are two types of dining services: a Japanese dining service and a buffet.
The buffet uses the partial buffet style where you may select your choice of plates after being seated and giving a toast.
Please enjoy the 180 degree panoramic view of Lake Kawaguchi and the gourmet cooking made from locally-sourced ingredients.

*If there are only a small number of customers in our restaurant, the menu may be changed to a Japanese banquet menu. Thank you for your understanding.


A calming atmosphere, a comfortable space

  • Mt. Fuji ObservatoryMt. Fuji Observatory
  • Front DeskFront Desk
  • LobbyLobby
  • Gift ShopGift Shop
  • ArcadeArcade
  • Table TennisTable Tennis
  • Kids' CornerKids' Corner

Facilities Overview

Check-in 15:00
Check-out 10:00
Guestroom Information 49 Room (All rooms have bathrooms, showers, air conditioning, television)
Amenities Hand towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, yukata bathrobe, bath towel, shampoo, hair conditioner, body soap
Capacity 180 individual capacity, 220 group capacity
Bathroom Big public bath "Suiraku"/Open-air bath, open-air Jacuzzi, multi-function shower, bath bed Big public bath "Suigetsu"/Observatory open-air bath "Amanogawa," open-air bath, sauna Private observatory bath/"Fuji-no-shizuku"
Restaurant "Hanamizuki"/82 capacity "Hanasuisou"/5 rooms (4 rooms with a capacity of 4, 1 room with a capacity of 6)
Building Facilities Mt. Fuji Observatory (5F rooftop), Gift Shop, Table Tennis, Arcade, Kids' Room
Parking 80 spaces free of charge


Directions to hotel

Directions to hotel